Thursday, 30 May 2013

An Elusive Mushroom Ravioli

I did not mean to disappear. But somehow, over the last couple of months, life became so hectic that all I could do where this blog is concerned, is miss it. I still cook, I'm still trying to be vegan and I still even write the entries to posts but I never have time to finish them. Even this post, as I start to write it, I am sure it will leave you a little unsatisfied. Mainly because I am not posting the recipe for these images because it is one that needs some adjusting.

So much has happened and so much is going on - I would bore you with the list of things  - like the fact that I moved to a new apartment (with lots of sunlight), spent the last few weeks cleaning and unpacking and painting, I take Italian classes 2 nights a week, I have been running an impressive number of times a week, I went to Portland last last weekend, went to Sasquatch music festival this past weekend and bought a ticket to travel Italy and Spain in the summer. As usual I am also working every day, only now, harder than ever. We had a nice couple of weeks in May and I spent as much of those sunny hours outside as I could, on my bike, on my friends' sailboat, at Granville island and so on.

I usually find about an hour and a half to cook in the evenings, which is enough to make a decent meal and to sit down and enjoy it, but no time to photograph or write down the recipes.

I made this ravioli filled with mushrooms, leeks and a cashew cheese for Mike's birthday in March (I can't believe 2 months have already passed). The sauce was made with a cheese-less pesto, cashew cheese and coconut milk. I have also tried to make a few vegan pizzas and discovered I would rather top a pizza with fresh avocado than a fake cheese. I really have not warmed up to daiya yet - I don't miss cheese enough to try to replace the real thing with a fake. I am impressed by the idea of making my own cashew cheese but don't think it is the right thing for a pizza.

Some of the things to come, that I am eager to make and post are: a spinach, pesto and tomato bruschetta, a vegan chocolate-raspberry cake, vegetable dumplings, a mediterranean chickpea salad, shiitake and green bean fresh rolls, parsnip tacos and a creamy pasta salad made with an avocado-based dressing. 

I also bought an intimidating Vegan cookbook - put out by the Millenium Restaurant in San Francisco - I'm hoping to be inspired to make some dazzling new creations. For now, I thought it was important that I let whoever decides to stop by here that I do plan to come back soon and cook, photograph and ramble endlessly about my life just as before :)

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