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Professionally I am a microbiologist, more specifically a virologist, but when I am not being a super nerd I am cooking, eating or learning about food. I started this blog while writing my thesis as a way of escaping the monotony and stress that comes with graduate school. Now, I use this as a place where I come to unwind, a place that drives me to explore new creations, and a place where I can share my successes, failures and experiences with whomever cares to listen.

As a scientist, writing this blog I have also started to heavily research various aspects of food and am becoming increasingly aware of the environmental, political and cultural impacts that simple food choices have on our world. It is astounding to realise how many important issues that we face today are connected by the food we choose to eat.

With the increasing prevalence of failing economies, corporate greed, environmental destruction, loss of cultural identities and obesity it seems obvious that making smarter food choices is one of the best ways we can start to influence important global problems.

One of the simplest ways we can influence these issues is by supporting smaller and local farms. This gives undeveloped communities a chance to sell their own local foods, helping them compete with large corporations that offer cheaper and poorer quality foods made by environmentally destructive processes. Eating locally also limits the distance that food has to travel to reach its consumers.

I do not always make the best decisions but I am always trying to make better choices. I look for local foods, free-range eggs, organic dairy products (and when I can afford it - other organic products), and do not eat meat (although I am still trying to completely cut out fish). Everyday is a new opportunity to make better food choices than the day before - choices that are better for my health my community, my environment and for future generations. 

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