Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Picnic at the point

I headed out of the city today with my sister and a few friends, 45 minutes away and across the border to an American peninsula called Point Roberts. It was to be a a mini-bachelorette for one of the gals and a get together afternoon. The day was originally designated as our second cooking club but turned into a picnic food club. We sat at the beautiful beach at The Point and threw together some salsa, guacamole and then grilled fresh prawns over hot coals. There was smoked salmon with capers, cream cheese and crackers, spinach dip and bread. 

It was a hot September afternoon. As the sun was going down we headed via bicycle to a marina restaurant for Margarita Mondays. We sat at a comfy couch and watched an adorable Spanish cooking show called Cacina; appropriate for our cooking club day. Heading out of the restaurant we discovered one of our bikes had a flat tire. So, the rest of us biked back to the beach, stuffed our bicycles in cars and raced to beat the caretaker before he locked us inside of the parking lot.

We picked up the disabled bike and its rider at the restaurant and headed back to the house for inappropriate cake consumption :) "The boys" spent the day on a boat and caught 10 fish/salmon between three of them (Mike is filleting his in the kitchen right now). "The girls" headed back over the boarder and we picked up the fishermen on the way back to Vancouver. One was sporting an unpleasant bout of heatstroke. So we rushed him home.

Here I am now, sleepy from tequila and margaritas, lucid enough to type but too drowsy to work on the thesis that is just days from its first deadline. These are a few pics from the day. No recipes...just memories.

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